OC Councilmembers: Don't Say Stupid Things to Times Reporters

Remember last year, when San Clemente councilmemer Wayne Eggleston made a crack about Stanton to the Los Angeles Times, claimed the reporter made up the quote, went on OC Blog to spear the Times, then curiously took back his campaign and apologized? No? Read about it here.

Back to the point of this post. Today, the Times reports SanTana councilmember Carlos "Never Met A Conflict of Interest He Didn't Love" Bustamante (at the left in the above picture alongside those stalwarts of conservativism, former state assemblymember Tom "Carpetbaggin' Philanderer" Umberg and Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca) told "a conservative blogger" (was that you, Jubal?) in the audience at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting that appointed Sandra Hutchens as interim sheriff, "I kept telling [Santa Ana Police Chief and sheriff finalist Paul Walters], 'Maybe we should get you some implants. Or a water bra.'"

"Bustamante, contacted Wednesday, denied making the joke about Walters needing implants," wrote reporter Christian Berthelsen," "though the remark was clearly heard by a Times reporter during Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting."

So Carlos: not only are you a developer whore, you're also a coward. If you're going to make a lame sexist joke to curry favor with the county's good-ol'-boy GOP, at least stand by it. Your word is as good as your city's status amongst Know Nothings.


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