Not for exploitation
Not for exploitation

OC Child Pornography Collector Wins 66-Month Prison Trip

An Orange County man who possessed a large cache of child pornography and kept alarming images on display in his home living room now regrets his conduct and promises he will won't make the same mistake again.

U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter made sure that Gary Alan Keller, a longtime gas exploration worker with ties to Texas, can live up to his promise for at least the next 66 months.

That's the prison term Carter handed Keller, a longtime Huntington Beach resident, last week inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

Keller, 61, acknowledged his guilt in January and had sought a prison sentence of no more than 48 months.

Assistant United States Attorney Anne C. Gannon called a 78-month term of incarceration "reasonable" because she views him as a "danger" to the community.

Keller's defense lawyer called him a productive member of society and family man who "regrets" his crimes.

According to federal court records, he was arrested in March 2011 after using the Gigatribe file sharing network in 2010 with hopes of securing images of a 13-year-old kid.

Federal agents found more than 380 child porn movies in his possession.

Keller has not yet been transferred to a federal prison.

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