Wonder if Brownie sent any pedo-priests out here...
Wonder if Brownie sent any pedo-priests out here...

OC Catholic Sex-Abuse Survivor Visits Guam to Give its Pedo-Priests Hell

This past Saturday, after traveling for nearly 24 hours nonstop, Joelle Casteix finally returned home after a week of giving pedophile priests and their apologists hell. The setting wasn't her usual stomping grounds outside any Diocese of Orange facility but a place much, much prettier but no less demonic: Guam. 

Casteix--one of the eight or so graduates of Mater Dei High who ever turned out to become a decent person--went in her capacity as the Southwest Regional Director for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) after sex-abuse victims in the American territory contacted her seeking to tell their stories. She spent a week meeting with victims, but none showed up for a public session she organized. Unfazed, Casteix will return in a couple of months, telling a Guam newspaper "Our goal is two-fold. Number one: To begin healing for survivors of sexual abuse, and that is through them talking. ... Number two is making sure what happened to us never happens to another child."

The always-ebullient mother once served on the Orange diocese's sex-abuse committee, but quit in disgust after realizing it was just a P.R. sham set up by Bishop Tod D. Brown. Brown went on to insult Casteix in the diocesan paper, creating one of his most-relentless exposers. Heckuva job, Brownie!


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