Obama With a Hitler 'Stache, and Nary a Barbara Coe in Sight

Who doesn't enjoy an Obama-Hitler joke, especially when it's a black man and a Latino putting on the show?

I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity today to chat with the fellas in the Orange plaza (circle), once I saw their sign showing the president with a Hitler mustache. 

And when a middle-aged woman (who appeared to be either a Latina or a well-tanned whitey, but wouldn't state her name and claimed to work for the city) threatened to call Code Enforcement, all the better!

It turns out that they are disciples of Lynden LaRouche,  the self-declared "leading Democrat" who served five years of a 15-year sentence back in the 1990s for tax code violations and mail fraud.

It is LaRouche, they said, who will save the world from the British empire that is using President Barack Obama to destroy the world population.

As "Ray", the Latino disciple put it: "He's crazy enough to push the red button before the November elections, so that's why we're out here fighting this battle, because the population is blind to it."

Ray said the world has been run by a covert elite since way back before the Roman Empire, and the Obama Administration is the latest pawn in the elite's effort to gain global domination.

"This is a Satanic cult," he said.

Then, a middle-aged black man with graying dreadlocks walked by and said "Thank you for doing that. I love that."

Other passersby stopped to ask what in the Sam Hill was going on.

"Is Lynden LaRouche still alive?" an old white guy said. 

LaRouche is 89 years old, and that's when the black disciple, who declined to give his name, while eating chips and salsa,  spoke up.

"He's alive and trying to save your country," he said.

Just moments before, the supposed city employee asked Ray if he had a permit to be out on the street with his literature and signs. He said no, and she immediately got on her cell phone to call Code Enforcement.

Ken Eckman, the division's code compliance supervisor and a man who appeared to be gentlemanly, arrived on the scene about 15 minutes later. He asked how long the dynamic duo intended to be out  there, and they told him until 5 p.m.

Eckman informed them that they were acting legally, but would need a free permit if they wanted to be out on the street for consecutive days.

"Other than that, they're golden," he said.

The black disciple said he doesn't talk to reporters, so, naturally, I asked him a question.

Does the brotherhood give you grief over the Obama sign?

"What brotherhood?"

The...uh...African-American community?

(Laughing) "Lots of grief."

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