Obama Town Hall Protesters Get Vlogged

Former Weekly managing editor Rich Kane turns vlogger as he hits the mean streets of Costa Mesa to capture protesters outside President Obama's town hall at the Orange County Fairgrounds on Wednesday.

Among the pissed-off masses Rich encounters is Barbara Coe of the Huntington Beach-based California Coalition for Immigration Reform—or, as she informs Rich, "we were the Prop 187 people." Asked what she is doing there, Coe informs, "To send a message to Mr. Communist Obama, Mr. Pro-Illegal Alien Obama, that we are not going to stand by for another amnesty that he is proposing."

Coe also wanted to share her message with people passing by that Obama is a Hitleresque dictator who "will do everything humanly possible to destroy our country" and "enslave our children." She also mentioned that illegal immigration is responsble for our current economic condition—funny, when you consider that when times were good — a.k.a. the Clinton years — Coe was speading the exact same hate-filled message. Blaming illegals under all scenarios—it's the new aloha!

Among the others captured during the 9 1/2 minutes of video are a large, Fred Thompson-loving lady waving a "BOGUS POTUS" sign, an Amy Goodman-loving anti-war protester and an pin-selling entrepreneur, who, under Rich's intense grilling, fesses up that he is an Orange County Republican who voted for Obama.

They're out there, people.  


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