Note to marijuana smugglers: If you're going to haul 40 pounds of weed into Southern California in your private airplane, you might want to do that on the 364 other days of the year when President Barack Obama isn't using the same airspace. 

Obama Airspace Crashing Cessna Carrying 40 Pounds of Weed

Apparently the San Luis Obispo man who went unnamed in press accounts--and who owns the airplane in question--never got that particular memo. As luck would have it, he strayed into airspace that had been restricted to allow Obama to fly from Orange County (where he'd attended a private fundraising party in Corona Del Mar) to Los Angeles. 

It's unclear where the airplane was heading, but the pilot found himself escorted by a pair of fighter jets to Long Beach's airport, where he was promptly arrested.

The fact the plane ended up in Long Beach has its own special irony. Just two days earlier,

Long Beach's city council banned medical marijuana dispensaries from operating inside the city

, with the exception of 18 clubs that the city is allowing to grow and distribute cannabis while it continues to study the issue for the next four months. The vote came amid protests that banning cannabis collectives that operate openly and transparently is simply going to give the cannabis supply business back to marijuana smugglers.

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