Oakley Turns Chilean Miners Rescue into One-Of-a-Kind Marketing Opportunity

Flickr user rescate mineros

The world might have their collective eyes glued to the live feed of the rescue of the Chilean miners who have been trapped underground for 69 days, but Oakley--whose HQ is located in the Foothill Ranch area of Lake Forest--just sees dollar signs instead.

The sports/action company delivered $450 sunglasses to each of the 33 miners--in order to shield them from ultraviolet light and resulting retina damage as they were retrieved. The only problem?

Flickr user rescate mineros

While it still can be viewed as a philanthropic act (meh), it also still seems pretty peculiar that

media outlets around the world

were privy to the fact that those not-so-stylin' shades are made by Oakley


the mine rescue even took place. And that they're the "Radar" style. And that they're $450. Did we mention that Oakley makes them?

Also, as the High Low reports:

Darren Rovell at CNBC writes that "In worldwide television impact alone, Oakley garnered $41 million in equivalent advertising time, according to research done for CNBC from Front Row Analytics, a sponsorship evaluation firm."

Give that marketing team a raise. Or something. 


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