The Orange County Recruitment Awareness Project (OC-RAP) is thrilled to announce their general meeting on January 7th, and continuing on the first Monday of every month. Or at least I'm thrilled to announce it on their behalf.

You remember OC-RAP from that heart-warming time where the high school security guard (hallowed be her name) tried to keep an old man from distributing pamphlets on public property (Trespassing on Public Property).

Anyhoo, their monthly meeting is at:

6:30 PM El Centro Cultural de Mexico 310 W 5th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 At the corner of Broadway and 5th (above El Curtido Restaurant)

Oh yeah, and happy stinkin' New Year, you punks.

About OC-RAP:

OC-RAP is Orange County Recruitment Awareness Project. We are a grassroots pro-student and pro-peace advocacy group working to demilitarize our local schools. We work closely with the Los Angeles National Lawyers Guild; we're a member organization of the Orange County Peace Coalition; and we're listed in the National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth.

We provide student outreach, classroom presentations, and legal counseling referrals for students and service members. This year, we plan to provide students with an Opt-Out form, which, if correctly filled out and submitted to the school, should withhold student personal information from a military database used for Armed Forces recruiting. Personal information means name, address and phone number.

We also aim to educate the community about the ASVAB, a career assessment that funnels student personal information to the military for reruiting purposes. Many students do not know and are not told that the ASVAB is an optional test when it is administered, usually in mid-November.

Besides student outreach, we hope our activities will soon include parent outreach, teacher outreach, and sweeping policy changes at the school district level. At our general meetings, we'll not only gel an ambitious agenda for the '07-'08 school year but also work together conscientiously for meaningful change in our communities that honor our young people and advance peace.

e-mail: oc-rap@ hotmail.com; v-mail: (714) 649-0501


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