'Nuts, Its Almost Three in the Morning'

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Re: "Sex Bomb" by R. Scott Moxley [Sept. 23]. This treacherous woman claims she is a victim. Is she? She obviously has a problem keeping her lies straight. Erica Hill is undoubtedly disturbed about the termination of her brother-in-law and is out to devastate Carona's career. Every article released mentioning Carona and a scandal only kills the faith that we all should have in someone in that position.

Wesley Barranger
Laguna Hills

Gustavo [Arellano], I was reading your article and I gotta be very honest with you, I'm very disappointed. I'm actually very deceived to a point that I'm livid ["Swift Souffl Serenade," Sept. 30]. In my 25-year career, I've never had someone write a pretty bad article about my restaurant, and I wanted to let you know.

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Jacques Savoie
Owner, Savoie's Fare
Voice mail

The worst thing you can say about the president is that he used to be a major-league sports team owner. The second worst thing is that he is a man without any real empathy for anybody [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Thank God for That Tax Cut!" Sept. 9]. We've had presidents who came from a background of wealth and privilege before, such as Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, who became pragmatic politicians without sacrificing their sense of noblesse oblige. Bush is part of a class of people who view privilege as an entitlement, not a responsibility. These people have always been with us and have always held significant political power in this country. In the past couple of decades, one of the major political parties has given in to these blockheads, and now we are all suffering for it. I'll just say this to Rebecca Schoenkopf and everyone else who is constantly enraged by the indifference of elected officials high and low; there comes a point where you have to at least take a vacation from taking it personally, for your own sake and those around you. Law and custom are locked in a constant struggle, with custom usually in the ascendancy. Right now custom seems to dictate "if it isn't illegal, it's okay," even if "it" is obviously unethical to anyone who isn't benefiting from "it." Nuts, it's almost three in the morning.

Gary Richard
Via e-mail

A lot of restaurants where I come from—the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Westin Hotel—they do forgot sometimes to serve the souffl [Gustavo Arellano's "Swift Souffl Serenade," Sept. 30]. But I don't think you need to trash my restaurant because you didn't get your souffl. And I have very nice personnel up front. It's okay to mention that you waited and waited and waited, but if you would've mentioned at least that the staff is very cordial and very nice, it would've been nice for us.

Jacques Savoie
Owner, Savoie's Fare
Voice mail

From "Swift Souffl Serenade": "Did you get your souffl yet?" [the waitress] asked sweetly before exclaiming, "Oh dear!" when our soft-lit scowls replied.

I suppose Jim Washburn doesn't realize the bloodbath that would ensue should we leave Iraq now. How can he be so blind? Wait . . . sorry, my mistake. We're talking about Jim F-ing Washburn.

Dirk Yarborough
Costa Mesa

It's okay to get constructive criticism, but we didn't get nothing good about your article souffl [Gustavo Arellano's "Swift Souffl Serenade," Sept. 30]. And I think what disturbed you a lot is the fact that you waited for the souffl. And we all make mistakes, that's fine. It's good to bring it up, that's fine. But don't rub every dish and every little course that you were having. If you're saying that the lobster linguine was great, don't start by saying there's no flavor.

Jacques Savoie
Owner, Savoie's Fare
Voice mail

From "Swift Souffl Serenade": "In the grand summation of things, the black and white linguine was yummers."

The wife of the deputy, who wrote that those detained in the OC Jail deserve to be beaten, belongs behind bars [Letters, Aug. 26]. She wrongly says that people who are arrested are the dregs of society. There are a lot of educated, intelligent and successful people who get arrested for minor and common transgressions such as fighting, smoking pot, DUI, drunk in public, etc. It is those deputy sheriffs who break the law, abuse their positions and abuse defenseless citizens detained under their supervision who are the true mucks of society. They should be fired, arrested and given a taste of their own medicine.

William Q. Ngo
Via e-mail

If you only see black in life, if you only see the bobos in life, you won't go too far. Life is bigger than just the dot, bigger than just the bobo [Gustavo Arellano's "Swift Souffl Serenade," Sept. 30]. It's a big picture. Look at the big picture, not at just the bobos. Every writer that wrote on my restaurant, first thing they mentioned when they walked in my restaurant: "Wow, what an awesome showcase! We've never seen pastries like this! Awesome wedding cake pictures!" You haven't write nothing about that.

Jacques Savoie
Owner, Savoie's Fare
Voice mail

From "Swift Souffl Serenade":"Savoie's Fare is primarily known for its bakery, where rows of French pastries and cookies fight with wondrous cakes for counter space—photos on the walls display cakes designed to appear like cars, champagne bottles and even golf bags complete with frosting in the shape of dimpled balls."

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