Hewitt: Does he check county contracts for ways to shower money toward his pals?
Hewitt: Does he check county contracts for ways to shower money toward his pals?

Notorious Pedo-Priest Protector Apologist Matt Cunnigham Billed County for Work with OC Diocese

For the past couple of weeks, the Friends for Fullerton's Future blog has been documenting with devastating effectiveness how Matt Cunningham--founder of OC Blog, longtime Republican activist, a supposed lover of small government--is not only sucking from the government teat, he's shoving udders in his mouth like some PR hack version of Jenna Jameson. Under his Pacific Strategies, Cunningham has reaped tens of thousands of dollars in a contract to shill for an obscure county agency called the Children and Families Commission of Orange County, which gets Orange County's share of Prop. 10 revenues, the type of sin tax Cunningham and his ilk rail about--unless they get paid by it.

FFFF--which has proven to be the municipal version of Orange Juice!, every bit as scandalous, hilariously libelous, and surprisingly investigative as the pioneer of OC's blogosphere--has posted invoice after invoice of Cunningham billing the county at the rate of $200 an hour for everything from having lunch to listening to radio and reading blogs. Nice work if you can get it! Included is $940 he received for working with the Diocese of Orange on some dental program in October of 2007--this, shortly after he furiously shilled for his pastor, John Urell to the point of publishing the name of sex-abuse victims.

$940 to do something Cunningham gladly does for free? Who in their right mind would allow such a thing? Why, none other than fellow pedo-protector apologists, longtime pals and Commission commissioners Bill Campbell (the Supervisor) and Hugh Hewitt (the Loudmouth)! All supposed conservatives, all hypocrites supreme. Seriously, Billy and Hewie: paying Matt Cunningham to work closely with the Diocese of Orange is like paying a surfer to spend a day at Trestles. Heckuva job, Brownie!


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