MacDonald: Wonder how he'll treat non-white students now...
MacDonald: Wonder how he'll treat non-white students now...

Notorious Jew-Bashing Long Beach State Professor Joins Notorious Racist Lawyer to Create White-Power Political Party

First in a three-part series this week about the grand circle jerk that is the Orange County white-power movement...

Over the years, Long Beach State psychology professor Kevin MacDonald has danced a delicate tango regarding his professional work and his personal beliefs. He's gained notoriety for books and articles asserting Jews have kept their culture throughout the millennia as a form of group evolutionary strategy that lets them compete against Western civilization, views embraced by white supremacists and no one else--but MacDonald has insisted he isn't an anti-Semite or a neo-Nazi, and definitely not a racist. "I don't necessarily endorse all of the attitudes reflected in all of the articles," MacDonald wrote to the Southern Poverty Law Center in regards to a masterful exposé in their Intelligence Report showing the professor's courting of the extreme Right through publishing his drivel in their magazines. MacDonald's work has unsurprisingly drawn controversy at Long Beach State among his colleagues and the few students who know his work outside of the classroom, but he's nevertheless largely maintained a façade as a regular guy whose work just happens to have a skinhead following.

Let's see what MacDonald will say now: The Weekly can reveal that the professor is now partnering with local skinheads and a notorious racist lawyer to create a new political party modeled after England's fascist British National Party, a new party created explicitly to oppose and deport non-whites.

The American Third Position Party was formally created on Oct. 15 of last year in Orange, where a group of racialists decided Los Angeles-based lawyer William D. Johnson would be its chair. Johnson became nationally reviled last year when he ran as a judge in Los Angeles County, and details emerged about his past. As revealed by the legal newspaper Metropolitan News-Enterprise, the lawyer--writing under the pseudonym James O. Pace--wrote a book in the 1980s advocating the repeal of the 14th and 15th Amendments and the creation of a another amendment that would limit American citizenship to "non-Hispanic white[s] of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro blood, nor more than one-eighth Mongolian, Asian, Asia Minor, Middle Eastern, Semitic, Near Eastern, American Indian, Malay or other non-European or non-white blood, provided that Hispanic whites, defined as anyone with an Hispanic ancestor, may be citizens if, in addition to meeting the aforesaid ascertainable trace and percentage tests, they are in appearance indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the British Isles or Northwestern Europe." Everyone else would get deported.

Johnson is the chair of the American Third Position Party; MacDonald, according to their website, is the director and "influences the course of the party and provides guidance to both the Chairman and President." So what do these Nazis-in-ties-and-nerdy-glasses represent?

Their website is still under construction despite a ridiculous boast that "whether or not the political establishment is ready, the American Third Position (from here on referred to as the American TP, because it belongs in the WC) is scheduled to launch on the first working day of the new decade." But the mission statement states their agenda upfront: "The American Third Position exists to represent the political interests of White Americans." You know, because all those white men and women in Congress, the Senate, and 95-some percent of American legislative bodies just don't cut it!

A bit more clarification of American TP philosophy is found in an immigration pamphlet that the party plans to sell, which also puts forth the preposterous assertion that the American TP is "America's fastest-growing political party." "Downloading this product is prohibited," a page on the website warns, "and member's [sic] who download or share the resource with non-members will be permanently banned from the party." The Weekly obtained a copy through a source, and I'm more than happy to share it with interested folks (e-mail me). Under the headline "Immigration: Enough is Enough" emblazoned over a picture of a young white girl and an amnesty rally where the Mexican flag waved high, the pamphlet spells out their position against immigration--against it if it involves non-whites, even legal non-whites.

"For decades, increasing waves of foreigners, the vast majority of whom possess no connection to our society and civilization, enter our country against our will," states the pamphlet. "That we could so regrettably lose sight of who we are is among the greatest horrors imaginable." The American TP "accepts that so-called ethnic minorities, who constitute 92% of the world's population, will always be part of America" and finds it "unreasonable and objectionable that all recent immigrants ought to up and leave," but they still want all you recent wabs, chinks, heebs, niggers, and Ay-rabs outta here! Their solution: "Recent immigrants, or those who have become citizens since 1965, who have a genuine need to return to their respective countries of origin will be afforded generous cash grants to help them return home."

"If we do not act in the interests of our people immediately," the pamphlet continues, "we will become a minority in our own country, in only a few decades time."

The American TP lists their mailing address as being in Westminster, a bit away from the Oriental hordes in Little Saigon. They're trying to get listed as an official California political party alongside the Big Two and the rest. But their intentions are to create to what amounts to be a--take your pick--skinhead PR campaign or skinhead Ponzi scheme.

A working copy of the inaugural American TP newsletter obtained by the Weekly (gracias, source!) shows Johnson and MacDonald attempting something that's proven downright impossible for skinheads: making them seem mainstream to better get their ugly message across to the general public. "Our salvation depends more on our abilitiy to overcome media stereotypes than it does with our ability to more finely tune our message, which is already true and just," reads part of the newsletter. "If we cannot normalize our movement, we will be relegated to the fringes of society, where we will remain indefinitely, as our country continues its slow decline."

Of course, the newsletter immediately fails its own recommendation by including a picture of British National Party members with the remark they're a "prime example" of the power of activism. The British National Party, for you ignorant Yanks, is what happened in England when members of the fascist National Front decided to mainstream their anti-immigrant, pro-white message. It's reviled by almost all in England save the skins.

In other places, the American TP newsletter coaches eager Whites on how to spread their message ("Your job is not to sell our ideas to the public. Your job is to capture that segment of the public that already agrees with us") and urges members to retire to "the local pub" after a rally to talk about events. But not just anyone can join the American TP: if you want to start a local chapter, interested people must pay $200 a month to join and undergo a vetting process. Then, and only then, the new American TP chapter gets "a vinyl banner, a large advertisement, an assortment of fliers, et cetera." Run out of fliers? You'll have to buy them from party headquarters.

Johnson and MacDonald strain to put a respectable veneer on the American TP--indeed, nowhere in their literature is the word "white" to be found. But they're nothing more than goose-steppers in disguise--last year, MacDonald attended the annual conference of the Institute for Historical Review, the country's preeminent think tank for Holocaust deniers that's gradually shifting away from railing against the Shoah to railing against Jews, period. In the meanwhile, non-white Long Beach State students of MacDonald: How do you feel knowing that your professor thinks of you as sub-human and not worthy of being in this country?

Tomorrow: Have you seen the American TP's treasurer? The DA wants to talk to him...


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