Nothing Beneath the Fold

There's true heartbreak involved when you open a package in the mail that looks like it contains a DVD, only to find that inside, all you get is a CD single of the one original song from THE LAST MIMZY in a jewel case stamped "For Your Consideration." (Film critics don't vote for "Best Original Song," nor would they likely give it to anything from THE LAST MIMZY if they did.)

But then there's the double-heartbreak: "Great, a DVD! Oh, wait...didn't they already send this? Oh no, it's gotta be a CD single again...but no...what is this? Oh my goodness, a big piece of folded cardboard with pictures from the movie on it! That seals the deal for me...I can't NOT give "Best Film" to a movie that impresses me in this fashion."

Okay, yeah, I know I sound like a spoiled brat (it's a deliberate writing choice), and yes, longtime readers, I do know I'm not Commie Girl, because every time I look in the mirror I see a male face. So what's the point? Just wanted to show off these cardboard foldy things, and wonder why anyone would spend the money to send them to me.

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