'Not to Seem Too Critical or Unsympathetic . . .'

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Paris Hilton's recent commercial has done Carl's Jr. justice [Steve Lowery's "Diary of a Mad County," June 3]. She is very beautiful and a fine young lady. I did not want a burger after seeing the commercial, but I did order a taco immediately.


Thanks to OCWeeklyonce again for the coverage relating to Chris Cox's pending appointment as chair of the SEC [web exclusive, "Cox By the Numbers," June 9]. It just doesn't make sense for President Bush to nominate a politically connected OC Republican for a high-ranking position when the OC political scene—Sheriff's Department, district attorney and GOP—have been so heavily involved in connections with institutions and individuals surrounded by controversy and potential corruptions for the past few years. Isn't there someone else that could fit the president's SEC chairman appointment who can come into the responsibilities with a clean slate?

Debby Bartholomew-Bodkin
Aliso Viejo

I really liked Scott Moxley's story on Congressperson Christopher Cox as the man Rove, er, Bush picked to head the Securities and Exchange Commission ["The Smart Guy," June 10]. It's high time somebody told those jerks what's what. What can I do to help keep Republidopes like him out of my wallet?

Bark Sullivan
Laguna Beach

Today was one of those "I'm tired of watching all of these fucking followers praise these failed corporate CEOs who are raping and robbing us blind" kind of days. I walked into Tower music in Long Beach after not being able to find anything that would lift me out of this funk and grabbed an OCWeeklyon the way out. I went straight to the last page as I often do and came across your article [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Commie Girl," June 10]. Boy, was I glad that I did! I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. It was so entertaining that I read it twice. Thank you for the much-needed laughter.


Not to seem too cynical, mean-spirited or unsympathetic, but I really question why you guys would print something about the mom of two guys in Lit needing money from the public to pay her bills [Rich Kane's "Lit Tragedy," June 17]. There are dozens, if not scores, if not hundreds of similarily cash-strapped individuals and families in this county who are as much in need of help as this poor woman, yet the fact that Lit is—omigod—a real band with real videos and such, that suddenly makes her plight worthy of what amounts to free advertising? I don't blame Rich [Kane] for wanting to publicize the unfortunate financial woes of a woman struck by a careless motorist—(even though she was on the back of a motorcyle on just about the most treacherous stretch of road in OC). But it really seemed the Weeklywas being used, even if entirely unintentionally. Cripes, let the band perform a free concert!

John Keene
Via e-mail

I manage the band Lit and was directed to your LowBallAssChatter column by a fan of the band. As you might imagine, the tragic death of one parent and the critical injury of another is a loss of indescribable proportion. In reading the article, I realized that you misunderstood the thought behind the Kerry Suglia Memorial Fund so I felt compelled to reach out to you.

The outpouring of concern and generosity immediately following the accident was truly unbelievable and touching. I was told the small hospital simply couldn't accept the volume of flower arrangements. As Jeremy and A.Jay were hardly in a position to field all of the incoming condolences, I spoke to the band's webmaster and decided to ask people, in lieu of sending flowers, to sign a guestbook or make a small donation to a Kerry Suglia Memorial Fund. Our publicist contacted OCWeeklyonly in hopes of responding locally to the countless inquiries that had poured in.

Your coverage of the accident felt graphic and callous. I completely understand that as a journalist Rich Kane has the right to report as he feels newsworthy. I also understand that journalism often leaves little room for sensitivity. The financial longevity of choosing a career as a musician, however, and the tragic death of a parent, are quite different stories. It seems that you perceived the Memorial Fund and the passing of Kerry Suglia as a way for the band members to make a quick buck while wading through the afterburn of a hit single. That simply is not the case.

I realize that in the music industry success is sometimes evaluated by radio hits, platinum records, and "rolling in rock star cash" as you say in your article. I can assure you that both Jeremy and A.Jay's definition of success and abundance stretches far beyond the music business. Their reverence for family and friends certainly precedes money and hit singles. The Kerry Suglia Memorial Fund has nothing to do with the finances of the band Lit. For nearly 20 years, the same four friends have made music in a band together and shared incredible experiences while surrounded by the never-ending support of their families. That's wealth on all counts. If anything, it's the guys' spirits that are bankrupt now. Sadly, I don't think we can file Chapter 11 for that.

Ruta E. Sepetys
Via e-mail



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