The bad doctor is in.
The bad doctor is in.
Matt Coker

Sex with Patient Leads to Probation for Dr. Kraig Lamont Golden's License

A La Habra doctor's license to practice medicine has been placed on probation for five years because he had a sexual relationship with a married patient and improperly accessed her husband's medical records, according to state officials.

Among the sanctions against Dr. Kraig Lamont Golden that went into effect at 5 p.m. Friday are that he have a chaperone present "while consulting, examining or treating female patients and is prohibited from supervising physician assistants and advanced practice nurses," reads the Medical Board of California order.

Golden was the woman's primary care physician from January 2009 through October 2015, seeing him for hypertension, hearing loss, obesity and pre-diabetes. Around October 2014, they started hugging upon greeting one another at appointments. During an April 24, 2015 visit, where the patient complained of stress, hypertension and sleeping difficulty, Golden let her know he had a crush on her, giving her his business card and cell phone number.

They spoke later that day and arranged a lunch meeting. They began meeting for lunch once a week, when they exchanged more hugs and now kisses, and on at least two occasions between April and July of 2015, they met at a motel and had sex.

The relationship ended when the woman’s husband found out. The hubby also contacted Golden’s employer to report the relationship, and he called the doctor and made threats. It was after that Golden accessed the man’s medical records, telling state investigators he felt he was in danger and wanted to see a photograph of the husband.

However, the doctor did not inform his employer, and seeing a non-patient’s records without permission violates the rules the state imposes on doctors, as does having a sexual relationship with a patient. The Medical Board labels these sexual misconduct, gross negligence and repeated acts of negligence, something Golden and his lawyer Peter R. Osinoff agree with based on their signatures dated March 24 on a state acceptance letter.

Besides being observed by the third-party chaperone mentioned above, Golden must: complete an ethics course and professional boundaries program, notify hospitals and other facilities where he has privileges of his probationary status; obey all laws; and file quarterly reports with the Medical Board.

Failure to comply with the conditions of his probation could lead to license revocation proceedings.


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