North Carolina Pastor to Burn Books of Local "Heretics" Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, and Benny Hinn

I thought book burnings in the South went with the way of the Beatles, but this shows how much I know: to celebrate Halloween, Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina will host an ol'-fashioned Scripture bonfire complete with "Bar-b-Que Chicken, fried chicken, and all the sides," according to their website (click on the link, if only to hear a funny 1930s-era song about a boy who bought a Bible--yee-haw!). Among the literature the church claims constitute "Satan's popular books" include all the tomes of local preachers Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, and Benny Hinn. Pastor Marc Grizzard doesn't spell out exactly how the trio are part of Lucifer's minions, but wouldn't you trade your copy of The Purpose-Driven Life your co-worker left on your desk for a plate of Carolina 'cue?

Anyways, here's Hinn at his best:

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