Noose Found Hanging Outside Orange County Labor Federation Office This Morning

If someone was trying to send a message to the Orange County Labor Federation, they certainly caught everyone's attention. A noose was found dangling from the roof of the federations' offices in Orange this morning, according to numerous reports.

As of this afternoon, there were no leads on who or what organization may be responsible for the statement. The federation represents more than 140,000 employees from more than 90 local unions.

According to Lt. Dave Hill with the Orange Police Department, an investigation is ongoing, but there isn't much to go on. "At this point, it's pretty much what's out there" in terms of details, he said.

The federation is currently involved with the union in the midst of contract negotiations for employees at Angel Stadium, as well as grocery workers and trash haulers. Spokesmen for the federation indicated they don't believe there are any connection between those negotiations and this incident.


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