None of His Bisno-iss

Only in SanTana can an effort to impose term limits on Papi Pulido transform into a ballot measure to extend term limits for councilmembers. But that's exactly what happened with Measure D, which SanTana voters will decide on February 5 and is one of the most laughable pieces of crap to grace Orange County ballots since Tan Nguyen ran for office.

Measure D proposes to extend term limits for SanTana councilmembers from two terms to three. The person who would immediately benefit is councilmember Claudia Alvarez, who is termed out this November unless Measure D passes. The argument in favor of the measure--signed by Papi Pulido and councilmember Sal Tinajero, amongst others--reads like the typical little-man call for freedom. "Santa Ana community leaders strongly believe that ethics reform and term limits will make City government more honest, effective and accountable to voters," it reads and from there it mentions "special interests" twice and "developers" three times, always negatively, always in the context of reducing their stranglehold over SanTana.

The most hilarious part about the Yes on Measure D crowd? Its principle donor is a developer--and man, do Robert Bisno (pictured above) and pals want their gal Claudia to stay!

Bisno is the developer behind City Place, the loft community across the street from MainPlace that's as buzzing with life as a Kabul wine bar. In 2005, I wrote how Bisno and people associated with the City Place project donated $21,500 to Alvarez's failed 2004 state assembly campaign. But the giving didn't stop there. For Alvarez' failed 2006 state assembly campaign, Bisno and amigos gave her $36,300--and this doesn't count the $50,000 Bisno gave to Californians United, a PAC that spent $40,000 on Alvarez-friendly television commercials.

Bisno must have some kind of hard-on for Alvarez, because guess who's the main contributor behind Measure D? Of the $29,000 raised by the Yes on Measure D pendejos, $20,000 of it came from Bisno. A developer. A special-interest whore. The very people the Yes on Measure D crowd says its proposal would eliminate. Bull-you-know-wha...ah, the hell with niceties-SHIT. For the folks at home, that's over $100,000 Bisno and amigos gave to Alvarez in the last two elections that involved her political future.

And there you have it, folks. A vote for Measure D is a vote for Alvarez and her sugar papi Bisno. A vote against Measure D is a vote against such fools. The choice is yours!

PS: Bisno also gave $249 to councilmembers David Benavides and Tinajero for their 2006 SanTana council races. One dollar more, and the guys would've been in conflict-of-influenza territory. The choice is yours!


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