Non-Threatening, Non-Impressive Robot to Visit Long Beach


That's right! The mascot robot for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is coming to Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific on Nov. 14. As we all know, that's "Our Planet Day" at the Aquarium.

Per that video above, Terri is a robot that speaks in a high-pitched voice about how wonderful the NOAA is. It can sing, dance and give surf reports. Doesn't look like a person. Honestly, Terri's kind of underwhelming, like the kind of robot you'd expect to be shown off at a Y2K celebration. This just reminds me of how non-terrifying America's robots are compared to the far more advanced ones you see in Japan:

Yeesh. Technologically superior Japanese androids just make us more appreciative of ugly little Terri.  Terri you'll never mistake for a local politician; Terri will never haunt your nightmares with thoughts of taking someone home from a bar who turns out to have cold machinery for bones. Terri doesn't seem all that impressive, but we'll take him/her/it.


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