'No, This Is Not Gregs Mom.'

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My daughter and I just read Greg Stacy's "This Shit Is Bananas" [May 6]. I had to write to you to let him know . . . BRILLIANT WORK! We were laughing so hard. We actually found the article after Googling "hollaback" to see what the heck it means, but found Greg's article instead, and we're glad we did!


Please do not let Greg Stacy leave your publication! We found his thorough breakdown and deciphering of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" compelling (we read it twice) and in-depth (he really went the extra mile to give us a line-by-line analysis). What a great piece of journalism! You should be proud to have him on your staff, and his invaluable writing style should be acknowledged when it comes due for his next raise! No, this is not Greg's mom.



The people that work at OCWeeklyare a bunch of insensitive creeps! Well, maybe not all of them but definitely the editor and his boyfriend Rich Kane! I read the Weeklyevery week and am constantly seeing unnecessary jabs at the band Lit. At first I thought Kane was friends with the band and it was all kind of a publicity stunt. I realized this was not the case when I read last week's paper ["Lowballasschatter," June 17]. I totally agree with the manager that wrote in. The report was graphic—"a leg so badly mangled"—and, I think, beyond decency, especially the cheap jab of the band "riding out a hit song." Please tell me, what does the band's success have to do with this tragedy?

Name withheld

I just wanted to let Commie Girl know that her column cracked me up as usual [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Commie Girl," June 24]. I laughed hysterically throughout the whole thing and read it over a couple of times because I could have sworn that you were writing about me and my past five years and the shit I wished I'd known. I wouldn't normally take the time to let you know this, but unfortunately I'm still going through those crappy times. You would think that my boyfriend's Argentine Gramma opening the blinds at 7 a.m. to find me hungover in my club clothes after waiting on the porch for him since 3 a.m. because his ex-girlfriend called me and told me they were still screwing. Or sobering up to find my head and back stuck to 50-degree cold cement with the meanest lady in Santa Ana telling me to pick up the trash around me while listening to some heroin addict throw up three feet from me would have told me that maybe I was in a funk, but of course I just thought my life was destined. Anyways, I have put down the bong, started working out, hired a lawyer, asked for help (thanks, Dad!) and just wanted to let you know that your little ray of sunshine peeked through my dark cloud and made me realize that, hey, when I look back, I'll have some pretty good stories.


In regards to your angry little race baiter Gustavo Arellano. I used to enjoy reading that little pendajo'sarticles. I figured he had a good rap going riling people up to read your newspaper. It is a lot like what all the right-wing scumbags do. Then, upon reading the article "Goodbye, Mr. Cross" [June 17] I found out how young he is, and the school system he is a product of. He truly is that sheltered, stupid and racist! In his defense, at least he writes about what he is knowledgeable in, such as taco stands, hatred and outdated cholo slang.


I enjoyed Gustavo Arellano's article "Brown, Out," about the threatened barrios of Orange County [June 24], as well as the story of his high school history teacher, Mr. Cross. For his own mental and spiritual health, I'm glad he covers more than just the perfidious clergy. His writing style is clear, humorous, and interesting. It's hard to believe that someone who graduated from high school less than ten years ago knows what jowls are. There is hope for the future.


Gustavo Arellano's incessant droning on about the failings of the Catholic Church has become rather tiresome. Okay, the priests messed up and Bishop Brown is less than amicable and rather stolid. I'm not expecting you to research what the church has done that is positive or beneficial for their parishioners and all people, that wouldn't be good for business.




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