No Surprise Here: Orly Taitz to Seek Re-election in 2012 as Queen of the Birthers

Illustration by Trevor Keen/OC Weekly

Emboldened by results showing 93 percent of those polled by question

Barack Obama

's legitimacy to be U.S. President,

Orly Taitz

has announced she will seek re-election as Queen of the Birthers.

Okay, so Dr. T, the Laguna Niguel lawyer/dentist/real-estate hawker, need not issue such an announcement because royalty comes from God, not voters.

But Her Highness did Trump-et the NewsMax results the same day Obama officially informed supporters he's in for the 2012 race.

"Wonderful results!" she exclaims on her

Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire site

. "According to the latest Newsmax poll, vast majority of Americans will vote for

Donald Trump

in 2012; 93 percent stated that Trump is correct to question Obama's legitimacy as the U.S. president. All the other presidential candidates, including Obama-puppets of oligarchs, puppets of the establishment were in single digits. The other nine Republican candidates got 0 perent to 8 percent. Obama got 9 percent."

Hell, why even go through the time, money and pain of another national election? Let's just give the presidency to "The Donald"--like his daddy did with the Trump fortune.

Taitz is, of course, in the Hair Club for Men reject's corner because he's making noise about running as the Republican nominee for president--and whether Obama really was born in Hawaii.

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