No More Procrastinating On That Boob Tube Upgrade, K?

When someone from the Federal Communications Commission called the newsroom this morning, I was hoping it was because one of us Weekly-ings were being fined for indecency or something cool like that. Nope. The gub'ment was just checking in to make sure our readers knew about the final, nationwide switch to digital TV happening on Friday,  June 12.

Well, readers, did you know about it?

If you've still got a crusty old television, it won't really work after the 12th, as all "full-powered television stations" will be switching their signals. The cool thing is that the FCC is offering free installation of analogue-to-digital converter boxes and rejiggering of antennas. Call 1-888CALL-FCC or visit and you could have someone visiting your house to magic up your TV. Who are these free installers? Contractors, Americorps volunteers and -- firefighters! Ladies, be still your fluttering hearts.


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