No Love For The Opening Of Club XO

UPDATE: Club photos are up.

Last night was the Club XO opening at Kolla’s Nightclub in Lake Forest.

How can I put this politely? It blew ass.

I would always rather write a positive review than a negative one, so it pains me to say last night started out abysmal, and only got mediocre from there.

And the awfulness started before OC Weekly receptionist Leslie and I even got in the door.

We walked up to the front of the club where a few men were standing around aimlessly, and I looked around for the mandatory ID-check guy. No one was acknowledging us, so I figured they must be checking ID’s inside, right? As I got closer to the door, I was stopped abruptly by the guy who was apparently the bouncer.

“IDs? You can’t just walk in like you own the place.”

How rude!

“What the fuck.” Leslie whispered behind me.

OK, fine, here’s my ID.

The next charming individual we encountered was the take-your-money guy.

“Ten bucks.” He says to both of us, arm stretched out blocking the door. He must have thought we were going to try break past him or something.

I tell him we should be on the guest list.

“The guest list ends at 10:30.”

It was 10:38.

And mind you, this was the first I had heard about any sort of cut-off time. It’s not that I’m cheap, but already having been pissed off once, this was about principle.

I smile and explain I'm here for work and I've been in contact with their promotion people to do a review and bring a photographer.

He must not believe me. Without even looking at the list, he sneers “Can I see some credentials, writer girl?”

Wait. Did he just call me “writer girl”? Are you fucking serious?

I hand him my card, which for some reason he wants to keep, and he grudgingly lets us in.

Wow, what a great tactic: belittle patrons before they even get in, make sure they know they’re lucky to be allowed at Club XO.

The unbelievable attitude at the door could have been the reason hardly anyone showed up to the opening. Or maybe it was the awful sound system.

I'm not blaming the DJs, who were skilled (they spun my favorite Big Pun song), but they had shit to work with.

A couple speakers stacked on stage were blaring gritty sounding music that bounced off the walls and became blurry. You know when a car with a stock stereo pulls up next to you with the bass turned all the way up? You can almost distinguish what song is being played behind the crunchy bass thumping away? Yeah, it was like that.

I probably don’t have to mention that the dance floor was tragically sparse throughout the evening.

The crowd was friendly though, leaving all the attitude at the door I suppose. However, the people I talked to weren’t impressed with Club XO either and many of them left to go to Sutra.

I will say this: the drinks were good. Inexpensive for a club, vodka tonics and long islands were only 6 dollars. The bartenders were charming and poured the cocktails well, saving the night from being a complete disaster.

But if you want to go dancing on a Thursday night, hit up Fury or Sutra instead.


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