No Cake for Adolf

Look, it's not like we wanted to stop the gaggle of Nazi nitwits and white-power wackos from celebrating Hitler's birthday at a La Habra Moose lodge on April 20 (featuring speakers, a raffle and a set from racist OC rock band Youngland); we here at the Weekly are staunch supporters of the freedom of assembly. But when we broke the story here last week, raising the question of whether the Nazis had booked the room using false, deceptive tactics (Nazis? Deceptive? Naaaaw!)—well, turns out we were right (and really, if Nazis had the balls to hold their fascist fuckfests out in the open instead of keeping them in the closet all the time, we wouldn't mind as much).

The Moose folks had been told by members of the Long Beach Aryan Nations (who were putting the event on and likely never used the phrase "Aryan Nations" in talking with the Moose peeps) that either "a fund-raiser" or "a wedding" was going to take place—you know, something innocent-sounding. The Nazis even produced an out-of-state Moose card, making things look more legit. But once word leaked out in the Weekly and other news media started covering the story, the shocked, duped Moose representatives yanked the event and refunded the Nazis' $225 lodge-rental check—no cake for Adolf, at least in La Habra.

We phoned the Aryan Nations and learned that after some last-minute scrambling, the party had been moved to a private home way up in Palmdale and that someone was supposed to come by the original La Habra locale between 6 and 6:20 p.m. to hand out maps and directions to the new venue—shades of old-fashioned rave parties! Unable to resist the potential for high comedy, we showed up Saturday in La Habra to find the event indeed canceled and some 10 or 12 skinheads and Nazi-lovers convening in the parking lot outside the Moose hall, almost all of them chain-smoking (if pent-up hatred doesn't kill 'em off, lung cancer sure will).

Several police cruisers rolled past along Beach and La Habra boulevards, to make sure there was no trouble. A couple of cops with high-powered binoculars peered at the goings-on from a restaurant rooftop across the street, to which some skins shot back at them with an assortment of middle fingers and Heil Hitler salutes.

But . . . what were they all waiting for? Shouldn't they have been hitting the looooong road to Palmdale?

It turned out that the Nazi chick with the jackboots, red suspenders and ugly haircut locked her keys inside her white pickup, which presumably held the direction fliers, and nobody could do anything until AAA showed up with a slim jim. Poor, stupid Nazis!Then the AAA guy arrived—he was white, too—and the crowd began dwindling as the fliers were finally handed out. A few skinheads who had earlier engaged us in brief conversation ("We thought you were a cop, but I guess you're not, since you're not dressed like one," said one young Aryan) stayed behind to pass out maps to Palmdale to any stragglers.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, we smiled and threw them a peace sign—it was the least we could do for wrecking their big bash. But they'll be back, supposedly—the OC chapter of Volksfront, yet another neo-Nazi tribe o' numbnuts, is supposed to be staging a Rudolf Hess memorial concert, with such white-power bands as Extreme Hatred and Aggressive Force, the weekend of Aug. 17 somewhere in Orange County.

Well, now that La Habra's out, we suppose there's always the Shack. . . .


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