Nikki Leigh, Playboy's May Playmate Out of Cypress, Ready to Spread Her Wings

Here's what Cypress native and Cal State Fullerton senior Nikki Leigh says about being Playboy's May 2012 Playmate of the Month:

"As a 13-year-old, I would get a hold of my dad's Playboy magazines and thought the women were just stunning. . . . If being Miss May gives me another way to spread happiness, that's awesome."

Heh-heh, she said "spread" . . .

Good thing Playboy was the most graphic object Dad left out for the then-13-year-old to find. "Honey, put down daddy's anal beads and rain-gutter meth!"

Leigh would have been too smart for that anyway, as the magazine that Hef built describes the 23-year-old blonde as a "sexy sociology student" who "is set to graduate with honors this May."

"It's something I never expected but always wanted, to be a sex symbol with brains," Leigh says in a Playmatement.

Having recently returned from a semester abroad in Italy that added passport stamps to numerous previous trips around the world--thanks to her flight-attendant mom--Leigh says she's ready for more.

"I'm all set to travel and do whatever I can to be an incredible ambassador for Playboy. In fact, I can't wait!"

A look at what she'll be bringing to future destinations follows on the next page . . .

Nikki Leigh would take the shirt off her back to promote Playboy.
Nikki Leigh would take the shirt off her back to promote Playboy.
Courtesy of Playboy

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