Niedermayer vs. Neidermeyer


-Center for the NHL's Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

-Born on Dec. 28, 1974

-Resembles John Tesh

-Wears a protective helmet

-Known as a tremendous skater

-He's considered a strong, silent type not prone to emotion.

-He loves to put the puck on his teammates' sticks.

-He was a member of the 1993 Canadian World Junior team that struck gold.

-His father is a doctor in Cranbrook, British Columbia.

-He spent two seasons battling injuries, including a bout with concussions.

-Florida made him the No. 5 pick in the 1993 draft, but despite great speed, good hands and above-average size, he never lived up to his potential and became a whipping boy for Florida fans.

-Calgary acquired him from Florida, but after two seasons and just before the playoffs, they let him go to Anaheim, where he has been red-hot. They shouldn't have fragged Niedermayer.

-His current contract pays him $2.1 million per year.

-Paul Kariya makes more ($10 million per year).

-Disney owns the rights to Rob Niedermayer.


-Sergeant of arms for the Omegas of Farber College

-Born on July 1, 1978 (the release date of National Lampoon's Animal House)

-Resembles H.R. Haldeman

-Wears a shiny army helmet

-Known as a tremendous asshole

-He's considered a loud, sadistic type prone to telling pledges to "drop and give me 20."

-He loves to hit Dorfman with his riding crop.

-Mark Metcalf, the actor who played him, was—no joke—the grand marshal of the 2002 Sheboygan, New Jersey, Jaycees Brat Day Parade.

-His father "was an officer in the infantry during the Korean War."

-A golf ball hit his horse, who threw him, causing neck and head injuries.

-At the end of Animal House, a subtitle says Doug Neidermeyer went to Vietnam, where he was "killed by his own troops."

-Twilight Zone—The Movie, a later film by Animal House director John Landis, includes a scene in a swamp in Vietnam where one of the soldiers says, "I told you we shouldn't have fragged Neidermeyer."

-Metcalf earned scale on Animal House.

-Donald Sutherland and Neidermeyer's horse were the only actors paid more than scale.

-Universal Pictures owns the rights to Doug Neidermeyer.


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