Next Stop: Boondoggleville for Irvine iShuttle

So this guy goes to ride the Irvine iShuttle. This is no set up to a joke. Well, actually, it kinda is. The iShuttle is a pet project of the city's Agranistas. They have big plans for it taking thousands of people daily from the Irvine Transportation Center to the Orange County Great Park, among other places of interest. Though the park is just now getting a little more out there than a balloon ride to draw visitors, iShuttle ridership already exceeded expectations, to hear Irvine city spinmeisters spin it.

But that was not the experience of Irvine residents Eric Hall and Francine Verbarg, as shown in the YouTube video above that Red County posted before us. (Goddamn, Communists!) Hall reports he is all alone, except for the driver, on one of the city's 10 shuttle buses during the "lunch rush." Verbarg claims she was told some interesting things about the city's accounting methods for iShuttle, as well as an allegation it would be cheaper for Irvine to pay cab fare for each shuttle rider than to operate the fleet.

Are Hall and Verbarg the ones doing the spinning? Watch and judge for yourself. And don't forget to tip the driver.


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