Newport Surgeon Gives Daughter a Boob Job For Her 18th Birthday

Newport Surgeon Gives Daughter a Boob Job For Her 18th Birthday

For her 18th birthday, Brittani Niccole got not just one but two gifts from her dad.  

New boobs.

It's just one of the, um, perks, of being the daughter of Newport Beach plastic surgeon Michael Niccole. Yes, Michael performed the procedure, and then went on ABC's 20/20 to reinforce every sad stereotype about Newport Beach talk about it. 

"I've done surgery on my other sons, my wife, my cousins, my father, and I feel very comfortable," Michael explained on the episode that aired last Friday. "Who would give them that time, that extra little look, more than I would?"

Brittani, now 23 and working as a model in Las Vegas, believes getting work done by Pops is no big deal--he gave her a nose job when she was 21 and regularly injects her with Botox. Brittani's sister, 23-year-old Charm, went under Dad's knife when she was 10, having her outie belly button turned into an innie, and now gets Botox in her armpits to keep her from sweating.

Even though this is Orange County, the story is disturbing on multiple levels. I can just hear the conversations happening in this household:

"Daddy, am I pretty?"

"Of course, honey. But let's do something your thin lips, monkey ears and drooping cheekbones."


"Dad, why do you keep starring at my chest?"

"Oh, just admiring my work. Damn, I'm good."


"You better be home by midnight or I'm taking those boobs away from you!"

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