Bridalplasty, the reality show.
Bridalplasty, the reality show.

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Promotes Pre-Wedding 'Bridalplasty'

​So you've got the dress, the veil, shoes, the cake, the DJ, the flowers, the programs, the man. 

What else is left on the wedding checklist?  

How about a nose job? Or a new set of knockers? 

"Bridalplasty" is on the rise, says Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Tenly Lawton, who reports in a press release that women are spending up to $12,000 on pre-wedding-day procedures. Going beyond false eyelashes and French manicures, they're booking appointments for breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, two of the most popular bridal surgeries.  

Come on, gals. Don't you know he loves you the way you are, flat chest, muffin top, big schnoz and all?  

Last fall, E! chronicled the first-world phenomenon in the reality show called Bridalplasty, where engaged ladies competed for plastic surgery procedures. (Tagline: "The only competition where the winner gets cut.") The man behind the scalpel was none other than Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Terry J. Dubrow from The Swan.  

Lawton recently launched a bridal consulting program for those who want to go under the knife. "A little enhancement is one thing, but be cautious not to over-do it," she says in the release.

As in, maybe you should leave Kim Kardashian's wedding photo at home. 


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