Newport Beach Men Spend The Most For Dates, Says Pay-Per-Date Website

​​Newport Beach men will spend the most for a date. And we do mean for a date, not on a date, though that's assumed as well. No, Newport Beach men are willing to pay more than any other single fellows in the country to acquire a date with a woman they find attractive, at least according to the website

The Vegas-based dating service allows men and women to buy and sell dates. (Unsurprisingly, 95 percent of the buyers are men.) It's the idea that even girls who say no might say yes if the price is right. 

Orange County Register reports the findings: Newport Beach men are the nation's "most generous," bidding an average of $399 (!) to score a date, while Irvine men ranked second, bidding an average of $237. The price doesn't include the date itself. 

As part of this modern-day courtship process, the bidder must give half the cash payment to his date before the date begins. At the end of the date, the bidder hands over the remainder. The site takes 5-10 percent of the bid amount. Any dates thereafter are up to the couple.  

Apparently, money is hot--the company's founder Brandon Wade tells the Register that 100,000 people have signed up for the site since it launched a few months ago. 

Hey, who says romance is dead? 

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