Sandy with a sheriff's best friend
Sandy with a sheriff's best friend
John Gilhooley

New Poll: Bill Hunt Erased Gap with Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

A new poll conducted by Lewis Consulting Group shows that Bill Hunt's campaign is enjoying a "surprising surge" in recent weeks and now the race for Orange County sheriff is "essentially a dead heat."

The results: Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, 21 percent; ex-sheriff's lieutenant Hunt, 20 percent. For some unknown reason, a specific number wasn't provided for Craig Hunter, the Anaheim deputy police chief who is also running.

According to John Lewis, the former state senator turned campaign consultant, his poll results "suggest a strong probability that this race is headed for a November run-off," a fate Hunt has openly predicted would end with his election to the top slot at California's second largest police agency.

Lewis, who worked for sheriff-turned-convicted felon Mike Carona, also noted that Hutchens and Hunt are susceptible to lose significant support after voters are informed about alleged negatives pertaining to character.

Hutchens supposedly had messy finances years ago. Hunt is accused of giving preferential treatment to Greg Haidl, the son of an assistant sheriff then awaiting trial for the videotaped gang rape of an unconscious minor. has a more detailed report on the poll HERE.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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