New OC Register Drinking Game!

The big news on Grand Street is that longtime Orange County Register publisher N. Christian Anderson III is leaving the paper--pushed out, according to the Los Angeles Times, as "part of a company reorganization," according to the Reg. The Times story noted that Anderson--who Editor & Publisher mysteriously named Publisher of the Year for 2007--failed miserably in his two recent attempts to squash the OC Weekly, the OC Post and Squeeze OC.

But what interests us the most are the Register readers' feedback on the Reg's website.

Here at the Weekly, we've come to expect any Register story to inevitably become a forum for Mexican bashers, and Anderson's departure is no different. It begins four comments into this piece and go on from there:

Get rid of Yvette Cabrera, Rueben Navarette's column, along with the likes of Dena Bunis and we might have a paper worth subscribing to. Might as well get rid of East coast elitist guest writers while we're at it.

change - Aug 22, 2007 11:00:58 PM

...Stop being sympathetic to illegals. They are a huge problem, probably the biggest in the eyes of your subscribers. Report on it, without bias. Good luck...

Chuck Wheezer - Aug 23, 2007 02:22:13 AM

Get rid of the illegal alien and minority bias and start reporting all the news and stop hiding the race/ethnicity of outstanding criminal suspects when they are minorities.

Bob - Aug 23, 2007 07:43:08 AM

I rarely even read the front section anymore. I've already read the national and international news hours earlier on the internet. I turn first to the local section and that's about all I read. Your illegal alien bias turns me off so much that I've cancelled my sub several times only to have my wife sign up again because she wants the ads.

Jim - Aug 23, 2007 07:47:16 AM

It took a bit longer in this story--by one more comment. Then, the deluge:

How about losing the pro-immigration bias this paper has. Read the comments from people post.

Focus - Aug 23, 2007 10:04:42 AM

Get rid of Denisse Salazar. (Weekly note: Salazar is the Reg's Central County reporter)

Fax - Aug 23, 2007 10:07:56 AM

Stop ignoring the massive illegal immigration problem in Orange County. Report on how our neighborhoods have steadily been turning to garbage, starting in Santa Ana and radiating outward. Report on how there is no place to live in the county because huge areas of this county have become uninhabitable. Stop glossing over the impact of their crimes in your stories.

Fax - Aug 23, 2007 10:11:32 AM

The OCR could easily do without Yvette Cabrera and her racist columns.

Huh? - Aug 23, 2007 10:17:52 AM

These idiots are so much fun, we've decided to start a drinking game: every time time a Register reader leaves a comment with the word "illegal," take a shot. You'll be dead of cirrhosis within the evening. Enjoy!


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