New Nickname for Orange County: Cincinnati by the Sea!

There are many nicknames for Orange County floating around. OC. 

The OC (blargh). La naranja.

The Orange Curtain. Hell. Stepford with Mexicans. And so on and so forth.

But now, a random commentator has coined the best one yet: Cincinnati by the Sea.

It came about over at our Stick a Fork in It blog, courtesy of the latest racialist controversy to spring up in our shores: a Chik-fil-A employee identified two UCI Asian students as "Ching" and "Chong" on their receipts. 

There's over 100 comments on the post, including some of the apologist kind, and then there was this masterpiece by a commentator

identifying themselves as lakewood216


Ah..Orange County...same old intolerant biblethumper-ruled hellhole.  Orange County is a place us flyover-country-folk here in Cleveland can feel smug and superior about...we don't have the racists and fundies and anti-Semites that OC has.  Our county council (Cuyahoga County) has 3 GOPers out of 11 members..the OC Board of Superviors is STILL 100% December 2011.  Jesus.  Orange County.....Cincinnati by the sea.

HILARIOUS! Cleveland, of course, is hardly a heaven, but I never thought about the scary, right-on comparison between us and Cincinnati, that hellish city of prudes, pricks, and pendejos

whose only positive contributions

to America are Jerry Springer, Cincinnati Bengals Hall of Fame offensive lineman Anthony Muñoz, and fucking with Larry Flynt so much that it got the man ever more determined to fuck with Puritan hypocrites. Perhaps we should start a sister cities program?


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