It begs the question.
It begs the question.
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New Free Iran Movement to Hold Teach-in at UCI's Aldrich Park

The Iranian government now says Neda Agha-Soltan--the 26-year-old martyr in the struggle for freedom in that tense country--may have been killed by a gunman who mistook her for the sister of an Iranian "terrorist," the Islamic Republic News Agency reports today.

Rather than blaming the marksman, Iran suggested "those groups who want to create division in the nation" are responsible for Neda's death, even hinting at something of a conspiracy by saying government foes planned the woman's killing "to accuse the Islamic republic of ruthlessly dealing with the opposition."

That's not likely to appease members of GreeNeda, a new "movement of unity" that has sprung up just about anywhere in the world where there are Persians living, including Orange County. Composed of participants in several local freedom rallies already, they will hold an all-day "teach-in" Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., in Aldrich Park at the center of the UC Irvine campus.

"The urgency cannot be emphasized enough as we aim to strengthen the resolve of the people of Iran and to expose the world to the current struggle of the people," say organizers, who expect anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 teach-in attendees.

Green was everywhere at a recent Irvine rally calling for freedom in Iran.
Green was everywhere at a recent Irvine rally calling for freedom in Iran.
Photo by Christopher Victorio

GreeNeda's motives are explained in an email that has been circulated to local supporters.

Iran's current uprising, resulting from the fraudulent presidential election by the illegitimate government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most significant movement since the 1979 revolution.

The people of Iran, in hopes of having their voices heard through peaceful gatherings and protests have been met by gun-wielding, baton swinging vigilantes and agents of the I.R.I.

The people of Iran have become victims of murder, torture and unlawful incarceration at the hands of the unelected and their agents.

Our mission is to educate the public on human rights issues and to promote a platform of solidarity with the people of Iran as they seek their own freedom during the current crisis of crimes against humanity, which have become so prevalent under the rule of this regime.
 We will accomplish this by organizing [Saturday's] "Teach-In" on the issues surrounding the current climate in Iran. Expert speakers and educators will make presentations on the history of and current events shaping today's Iran and provide insight into the possibilities for the future.

Among those spreading the word about the teach-in is Arush Ebneyousef, who runs an Orange County event rentals business when he is not participating in his own events calling for freedom in his home country. His Persiano Event Rentals website includes a Free Iran tab, which leads to photos (including the one at the top of this post) and a message that asks a simple question.

"Where is My Neda?"

Persiano cares for you in times of happiness and will stand by you in sadness. In this business, we are in contact with many people on a daily basis. We will continue to strive to make an impact in your life. We now need you! Our country is an economic crisis, the state of our health care system is a mess, we have terror and unrest all over the world. When will we realize with every action we can do good?

"Neda" a word in Farsi, the Persian language meaning "calling" is a Call for Action. In my 31 years of being, I did not have a sister until June 20th 2009, but we all lost our sister this day! Neda is our call for world freedom. It's not about Iran, Iraq, or Ireland, it's time to stop killing and start loving. An end to theocracy and a new beginning for Democracy worldwide. During President Obama Elections, we were you, Iraq and Afghani people we were you, My fellow Irish Brothers we were you, and now Neda, We are you!!!!

Ten percent of Persiano's client rental orders are now being donated on the purchaser's behalf to the fight for freedom in Iran.

"We deeply apologize if we are offending any of you for our said actions, however you have the right not to participate in this movement," says the message signed "Ari and All the Staff here at Persiano Events." "We understand Freedom and Liberty and we want to share that with everyone across all borders. Freedom and Life do not have borders."


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