They look beautiful but you can't trust them anymore either.
They look beautiful but you can't trust them anymore either.

New Disneyland Attraction Involves Falling Tree Limbs?

Margarita Pina hoped May 1 would be an enjoyable day at Disneyland with her two toddlers.

But the Riverside County mother got more than she paid for when a six-foot tree branch loaded with fruit and weighing "30 or 40 pounds" fell on her head while she was seated in a shady picnic area at the world famous Anaheim amusement park.

Now, Pina wants Disney, which collect more than $38 billion in annually revenue, to pay.

According to the Oct. 13 lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court, Pina says she suffered "lacerations, abrasions and contusions," incurred more than $4,300 in related expenses and seeks additional damages for pain and suffering from a future jury.

Other park patrons had to remove the branch. 

Pina's lawyers claim that Disneyland officials failed to properly maintain the trees "so as to make the picnic area safe" for customers.

The lawsuit also asserts that Pina has suffered pain throughout her upper body, is frequently dizzy, has difficulty sleeping, constant pain in the neck and mild nervousness. A chiropractor diagnosed a spinal sprain.

Disneyland lawyers, who handle dozens of these types of cases annually, have not yet filed a response in court.

The case has been assigned to Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert Moss.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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