New Column: Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Week!

Greetings, racist psychobabble fans!

Every Friday, we'll bring you this innovative and occasionally interactive web column featuring the five most racist comments by Register readers. Okay, so maybe there's some racist comments we'll miss, but with so much to choose from, who cares? (Feel free to alert us to any doozies in this column's comments section.) Usually, we'll be pulling these comments from five different Register stories--maybe we'll have fun by asking you to guess which comment was in response to which particular story. But this week, we have a special treat. It's the "Let's Deport the Illegal Immigrant Girl Who Just Got Raped!" edition of our new column:

Let''s get right down to it, folks. On July 22, the Register reported that Jaime Zamora Ramirez, 40, of Costa Mesa, was arraigned for raping a 17-year-old employee of his cleaning company after luring her to his home on July 11. "The teen had signs of bruising as a result of the assault, according to the Costa Mesa Police Department," the Register reported. "Police said Ramirez told the woman that no one would believe her story over his, and cautioned her against reporting it because she was an undocumented immigrant."

Let's see how Register readers reacted to this horrifying story. Keep in mind that the Register actually deletes posts that use racial slurs, so these are comments that, by the Register's standards at least, play by the rules of polite conversation.

1) "rape, senseless beating to death of a young girl, groping, fighting, drunk in public, hit and run, etc. It is pretty obvious these folks have no regard for our citizens, laws or society. These disgusting acts bring down the quality of living in CA everyday."

2) "I feel bad for the girl but when all is said and done she needs to be deported."

3) "ha ha, yeah I agree. She was targeted because she was illegal. Throw the book at him, then throw her in the bus. Quick before she has a kid! Quick!!"

4) "illegals, including many asians and muslims are getting the same freebees as the hispanics. They help congest freeways, they get a free education on the American taxpayers back. They get free medical, free hospitalizaton, also being paid for by the American taxpayer. Not to mention the millions of dollars for food stamps and welfare "O EXCUSE ME! ILLEGALS DO NOT GET WELFARE,- right - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

5) "I completely agree with your sentiments. As a strong believer in American Freedom, I feel that there is nothing wrong with an American Citizen exercising those god given freedoms and protections to rape 17 year old girls who are here illegally. It's like she was asking for it by stepping on to our land right? American Soldiers fought and died in order to protect every possible action Americans decide to take against illegal immigrants. Raping, torturing, killing... I mean come on, the police have more important things to do than go after an American for a little harmless fun at the expense of an illegal...I think it's perfectly fine to ignore the underlying moral issues here, which I normally would be up in arms about, becuase the "victim" isn't an American (and more importantly she isn't white)."

Now the fun part: you can vote on which comment was the most fucked-up!


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