Neighbors Rally to Support Vandalized T-Shirt Shop That Lost $10,000 Of Merchandise in Anaheim Protest

You probably haven't heard much about him, but another quiet victim has emerged out of the Anaheim police shooting aftermath. 

Mathew Sim is the owner of T-Shirts Outlet, a discount apparel shop located on Lincoln and Clementine, ground zero of the violent protest that happened on July 24. That night, as citizens raged, looters broke the windows of Sim's business and stole $10,000 worth of jeans, the Orange Juice Blog reports.    

A Korean immigrant who started the company in 1990, Sim doesn't know why anyone do such a thing and tells Orange Juice "it hurts my mind" to even think about it. He and his wife, Christine, have been giving clothes to the local homeless and providing free lunches at the nearby St. Boniface Catholic Church for more than two decades.  

Today, his store is boarded up with wood panels. 

In the early morning hours after the protest, volunteers helped clean up the broken glass in front of T-Shirts Outlet, which Sim appreciated. The Orange Juice Blog is now rallying residents and supporters to check out the shop and buy a T-shirt or two. (There's a huge variety of items, including Disney and MLB merch. They also do custom silkscreening.) Take Back Anaheim plans to get shirts made there.  

You can visit the outlet at 280 W. Lincoln Ave, Anaheim. More details here

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