Neel Kashkari
Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari, Seeking Jerry Brown's Job, Rips "Crazy" Bullet Train Curt Pringle Championed

It may get a little awkward at upcoming Orange County GOP functions if Neel Kashkari runs into Curt Pringle.

Former U.S. Treasury official Kashkari--a.k.a "the architect of the bailouts"--has begun his run for the California governor by ripping the bullet train former Anaheim mayor and Assembly speaker Pringle--a.k.a. the onetime "face of high-speed rail"--championed while in office.

Neel Kashkari Enters California Governor's Race Labeled a "Moderate," "Libertarian" and "RINO"

Kashkari's campaign just unveiled and a "Crazy Train" video to highlight Gov. Jerry Brown's "misplaced priorities" in also supporting the project that would finally, someday supposedly link Southern and Northern California by high-speed rail.

The train is to eventually start in San Francisco and be built in different phases, north to south. Currently, the 29-mile leg from Los Angeles to Anaheim is projected to run on an upgraded Metrolink corridor starting in 2029. The total (and always rising) price tag for the entire project: $91.1 billion.

"To me, it is not only a waste of money, it is a great example, a symbol of Sacramento having the wrong priorities," says Kashkari, who is now was an executive at PIMCO* of Newport Beach. "If I were elected governor, we're going to cancel the bullet train and we're going to focus on the state's priorities, which are jobs and education."

His campaign pointed to just-released Bureau of Labor Statistics that show California continues to have the 46th worst unemployment rate in the nation. See the video here:

Ironically, then-Attorney General Jerry Brown who found it a conflict of interest for Pringle to have served on the boards of both the Orange County Transportation Authority and the California High-Speed Rail Authority.

Now Jerry Brown Says Curt Pringle in Conflict Serving on OCTA and Bullet Train Boards

Pringle resigned from that board in June 2011.

(*Correction: A campaign spokesperson says Kashkari left PIMCO in January 2013 to pursue public service.)

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