Neel Kashkari Keeps (Tim Donnelly) Fear Alive!

Guess who's coming to raw-vegan dinner?
Guess who's coming to raw-vegan dinner?

If you discounted the tea baggy Commie-terrorist fear mongering of Tim Donnelly against his dead-heat challenger for the Republican nomination for governor, check out the Orange County locale where Neel Kashkari is dropping off his mail-in ballot this morning ...

Darrell Issa Calls GOP Governor Candidate Tim Donnelly "Stupid," "Unfit for Any Office"

It's the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Cypress Drive in Laguna Beach, a place screaming with red America hating wheatgrass huffing Smart Car drivers!

Of course, like your children (or Hindu parents), you cannot choose where your voting precinct is going to be located. You can choose where your election night party is going to be located, however; for Kashkari it will be in Corona del Mar's non-offensive Port Theater.

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Then again, I did see a French film there once ...

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