Navel Gazing Newest 'Real Housewives' Recruitment Tool

Because the kids love us, the comments under Navel Gazing posts is often bombarded with spam, and a Navel Gazing troll has to go in and delete the offending advertisements so they do not offend your delicate sensibilities.

It was believed one such piece of spam had attached itself to Amanda Parsons' insightful take on The Real Housewives of Orange County finale.

At first glance, the comment appeared to be a robotic casting call for the show.

However, an email address was attached, and Lindsay Spaulding swears it is "definitely" legit.

The production company Spaulding works for, Evolution Media, produces The Real Housewives of Orange County and a ton of other shows. They have taken out ads in other local media, but Spaulding decided to press Evolution's luck with the Weekly staff news blog comment section's growing audience of trophy wives. That was, after all, where many had gone to punch Blackberry keys with their fake nails to express disdain over Prop 8, La Voz de Aztlan and Armenian holocaust deniers. 

Spaulding's original comment on our blog follows...


Bravo's celebrated series about real women, living fabulous real lives, is headed back to the OC! The hit docu-soap TV series gives viewers an inside look at Southern California's most glamorous Housewives. Bravo is looking for fabulous women and their families to be featured in the next season of the series.

We are looking for outgoing, exciting, strong, focused women who reside in South Orange County and want to share their lives with us.

We are looking for women who are "Housewives" in the present-day sense. They should be lively and energetic, with defined opinions and views. The women will have busy lives, involvement with the community, strong work ethic, an active social calendar and an enjoyment of the good life.

We love women who are self-confident and happy with who they are.

The women, their significant others and families must be open to sharing their experiences with the producers and the television audience.

Please email your: name, age, a bit about you, where you live, current photos and a contact phone number here.


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