Lopez, in happier times...
Lopez, in happier times...

Nativo Lopez's Latest, Saddest Fundraising Ploy

Longtime Orange County Aztlanista Larry "Nativo" Lopez still faces felony charges of voting fraud in Los Angeles County, a case I truthfully haven't followed much because it's still too bizarre for me to comprehend--as I've previously written, either Lopez is colossally stupid, gotten lazy, or this is a modern-day case of Al Capone getting nabbed for keeping false books. He has a court hearing in a couple of weeks, and Larry's supporters have scheduled a fundraiser for him ludicrously called "Justice for Nativo," part of the Justice for Nativo Defense committee. It's scheduled for Dec. 13, and at least they're not holding it on the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe this time around, right?

"Join us to raise funds and consciousness about the injustice heaped on Nativo Lopez as he celebrates more than 40 years of community organizing on behalf of youth, students, workers, and immigrants," an email states, asking for donations ranging from $20 to a thousand. Whoever wrote it (it's not signed) claims a political conspiracy against Larry by Los Angeles County district attorney Steve Cooley, but the real conspiracy is the incestuous relationship behind the various organizations involved in trying to save Lopez's ass.

The fundraising plea asks for donors to write checks to Justice for Nativo, based out of 611 W. Civic Center Dr., in SanTana. That's the address of Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana, the


controversial organization once headed by Lopez (he's now listed as national president emeritus--whatever the hell


means). The person in charge of the Justice for Nativo campaign is Taina Reyes, otherwise known as Taina Lopez, otherwise known as Larry's daughter, otherwise known as the director of Hermandad. And the plea was sent by the Mexican-American Political Association (MAPA), a once-vital group now run by Larry.

There you have it, folks: two non-profits actively working for Nativo. Two non-profits who ostensibly work for immigrants, spending time shilling for a chump. Does Lopez have no shame? Of course not!

One final note: Larry, instead of raising funds for your stupidity, why don't you raise funds to restart MAPA's website and claim it back from the trolls who squatted on it after you forgot to pay your hosting services?


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