Nation Cheers Obama Inauguration, OC Reg Readers Whine

If Barack Obama's move into the White House today is inspiring folks all over the world, here in Orange County the mood, at least as recorded by online comments posted Orange County Register readers, is dour:

--"This man has done absolutely nothing, yet is a God. People are so dumb."

--"God help us!"

--"This is not my President."

--"Is it just me or are you also ready to vomit over this love fest the crazy left is having w/ this guy? I believe it's a very sad day for this country."

-"The whole thing is just too weird for me."

--"Tears for sure! It's great when the media can get the sheep to elect who they want for prez."

--"He represents change"? What basis (other than the same political philosophy that all politicians echo) do people have to assume that this will be the case? Just because he's black?"

--"Same old manure.....just a different tractor."

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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