Narcisco Romanes Blando, Hospital Patient Care Assistant, Gets 4 Years for Rubbing Ladies

You know when prosecutors say of a patient care assistant accused of getting too handsy with female patients, "There was no medical reason or necessity for the defendant to touch the victim's vagina," it's going to be a tough court fight. Perhaps Narcisco Romanes Blando saw the writing on the bed pan when he pleaded guilty today to sexually assaulting two women and battering a third--ages 54 to 65--while they were in-patients at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in Mission Viejo.

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The Orange 48-year-old copped to two felony counts of sexual battery on an institutionalized person and two misdemeanor counts of battery, earning four years in state prison and lifetime sex offender registration.

"Much trust is necessarily, and usually deservedly, placed in the health workers," a 61-year-old victim told the court today, according to an Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) statement. "Mr. Blando had a very caring demeanor and initially I was grateful and relieved to see he was assigned to help me in the night."

But that Aug. 11, 2011, night, as the woman was in her Saddleback Memorial room recovering from surgery, Blando stroked her hair, kissed her on the lips and gave her a peck on the cheek. That obviously was not routine treatment for her surgery.

"Quickly my trust was breached and the evening became a long endurance of his advances and hope for the morning to come quickly," she told the court.

This past Jan. 2, a 65-year-old woman in a hospital bed watched Blando enter her room, remove her call-button so she could not alert other staff she needed help and rub her vagina under her hospital gown. He left when she yelled for help and, again, there was no medical reason or necessity for touching her.

"After teaching special education for 35 years, I retired and felt good about how many I have helped in that process," that woman told the court today, per the OCDA statement. "I had self-esteem and knew I was a good person. The creep that took advantage of me and my condition took all of my dignity and self-assurance and threw it away. I feel dirty and can't seem to get his rage and the look in his eyes out of my head."

She had come forward to the Orange County Sheriff's Department after learning about the investigation into the August 2011 incident and another this Feb. 6, when Blando was supposed to be rubbing lotion on the ankle of a 54-year-old woman who'd complained of pain there. Blando's rubbing hands ventured north and landed on the woman's vagina, and he did not stop until she began to cry. In fact, she tried to cry herself to sleep, but awoke to find Blando stroking her hair, kissing her forehead and asking for a kiss.

Damn, Obamacare!

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