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MTV Reels Back "Understaffed" Description of Mystery OC Hospital in Scrubbing In Show

Since the show is still in production, MTV is not ready to confirm the Orange County hospital serving as the setting for the reality show Scrubbing In, promising all will be revealed in a couple weeks.

But the network is ready to announce that, in direct contradiction to a previous announcement, that hospital is not "understaffed."

Sounds like someone got called to the stained hospital lobby carpet (not that were saying there are stains on the carpet of the now-non-understaffed hospital where the "reality" show is set).

Speaking of which, if you go to the comments in the link below, you'll discover that some readers have identified a certain OC hospital:

Scrubbing In is the Latest MTV Reality Show Set in Orange County. God Help Us All.

Meanwhile, here's the plea that we un-understaff whichever joint it is in our coverage:

Hi Matt - Hope you're well. I wanted to introduce myself and Brandi, copied here, as we handle communications for MTV's new upcoming docu-series "Scrubbing In." Saw your post on Wednesday and wanted to thank you for your coverage. One minor thing, however, we wanted to alert you that there as been an update to the series description and were curious if you could remove the word "understaffed" from the below line in your article as it's not factual. "Some of these folks will have left their hometowns and lives in Pittsburgh, PA, for short-term contracts at an understaffed hospital, with the added benefit of exploring a new city."

The new description is copied here with a link to the updated press release. Really appreciate your help and would love to work together on this new series.

"Scrubbing In," follows a group of travel nurses assigned to work at an Orange County, CA hospital for 12 weeks. Relocating from across the country, these nurses have left their hometowns and lives behind for short-term hospital contracts, with the added benefit of exploring a new city. For Tyrice, Chris, Fernando and Adrian, this isn't their first tour and they're considered experts of the program. For first-timers Chelsey, Michelle, Crystal, Nikki and Heather, this is a new journey they're embarking on together, looking for a change from their nursing jobs in Pittsburgh, PA.


Candice Ashton MTV Communications

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