Online porn meets dermatology.EXPAND
Online porn meets dermatology.
Mr. Skin

Online Porn Meets Dermatology as Mr. Skin Mobile Van Hits OC Beaches

You don't have to be among the millions and millions of visitors to his websites to know about Mr. Skin, who first flashed images of shapely female celebrities online in 1999 and went on to be featured in the movies Entourage and Knocked Up as well as on Saturday Night Live and especially Howard Stern's terrestrial and satellite radio shows.

Mr. Skin, a.k.a. Jim McBride and "The King of Celebrity Skin," has been such a popular guest that Stern broke out the "Mr. Skin Minute" on his national Sirius Satellite Radio program.

So it comes as a complete surprise that Mr. Skin is not solely interested in the skin wrapped ever so tightly around nekkid ladies, let alone just what covers the palms of the hands of meaty males ogling said nekkid ladies. No, it turns out McBride/Mr. Skin also wants to stop the spread of skin cancer, based on a campaign that is scheduled to hit Orange County beaches on Sunday, July 2.

The Mr. Skin Mobile Van brings Dr. Tess Mauricio to the shorelines of Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach, where the Beverly Hills dermatologist is set to give free full body skin exams from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The goal: to inform beachgoers whether they have any skin issues that need to be addressed.

Click here to follow the van's route via Twitter.

Of course, another way to look at it is Mr. Skin is seeking to protect potential models—and the clients who love gawking at them.


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