[Moxley Confidential] Mike Carona and Bernie Kerik: Separated at Birth?

The Bald and Bootyful
Mike Carona and Bernie Kerik: Separated at birth?

So many fascinating facts, allegations and contradictions have emerged from the ongoing prosecution of indicted ex-Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona that some stuff is bound to fall through the cracks. In November, this unexpected tidbit emerged: Don Haidl, a used-car salesman Carona named an assistant sheriff, testified about a secret 2004 Newport Beach lunch and boating meeting of four lawmen—all of whom have now been charged with or confessed to public corruption: Carona, Haidl, George Jaramillo (Carona’s best friend and another assistant sheriff) and Bernard Kerik. A former New York police commissioner and a man President George W. Bush nominated to head the Department of Homeland Security, Kerik withdrew his name after a background check revealed an ethically scarred record. According to Haidl, Carona and Kerik met for lunch at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, and then Carona, Jaramillo and Kerik boarded Haidl’s yacht to discuss “a potential business deal.” Haidl didn’t share more details, but the rendezvous got us thinking about some eerie similarities. . . .

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