Mountain-out-of-Molehills Approach Works!

Mountain-out-of-Molehills Approach Works!

On the drive to Weekly world headquarters in SanTana today, I noticed a banner hanging on a chainlink fence near the Santiago Street Lofts. "Santiago Art District," it read, and what a relief! Faithful readers will recall my bickering with some loft residents over their attempted, lame branding of the area as the North Logan Artist District (NoLo for short), a historically inaccurate laugher if there ever was one--and it's no longer there. As I explained to the mysterious Ben Dayhoe (author of the chingón blog Life at the Santiago Lofts) last Saturday at Jason's Downown, I never meant my little crusade to become personal--I just get a little nutty when it comes to Orange County history. Dunno who was behind the name change, but the ghosts of OC past salute you, loft dwellers. Everyone else: check out the area's ArtWalk every third Saturday of the month.

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