Mother, Father Arrested Near Disneyland For Pimping 14 & 17 Year Old Girls

Don't touch the premature mercandise
Don't touch the premature mercandise

Accused pimp Eric Lamar Wells and his girlfriend Tonisha Alecia Moore, who is also a prostitute and the mother of his child, are in federal custody today for allegedly using the Internet to sell the sex services of two, unrelated minor females, ages 14 and 17.

Federal records show that last month on-the-ball police busted the scheme that operated in Anaheim, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Las Vegas when officers spotted the 14-year-old girl leaving a CVS drug store by herself and walking near Disneyland

Orange County prosecutors filed charges against Wells and Moore, but then dismissed them when the FBI, Southern California Innocence Lost (SOCAIL) Task Force and federal prosecutors decided the interstate nature of the allegations require their attention.

The 14-year-old girl told police that Wells demanded all of her revenue and expected at least $500 per day, according to an FBI report.

Using and (an entity owned by Village Voice Media--the parent company to OC Weekly), Wells sold the services of the girls for $200 an hour in escort ads that used numerous photographs, according to an FBI report.

The ads portrayed the girls as both 19 years old.

It is, of course, illegal to have sex with a minor.

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