Most "Outrageous" Lawsuits List Forgot Orange County's Notorious Contribution

A national business lobbying group issued a year end report of its "most outrageous" lawsuits filed in 2011.

Included on the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform's list is a woman who sued for $5 million because she was cheated out of an 80-cent refund; kids who sued their mother for not including gifts or cash with birthday greeting cards and an obese man who sued a burger joint because he couldn't fit into a booth.

That's a good list but it would have been great if it had included Orange County's Stacy C. Harris, who filed 15 crazy lawsuits between Dec. 6 and Dec. 23 last year.

According to court records reviewed by the Weekly, Huntington Beach resident Harris sued:

--Green Girls Saloon, a popular Westminster bar, for $25,000 in "damages" because she entered the establishment, heard two cuss words, saw scantily-clad women having a good time with male customers, who were--hold your hat--drinking booze;

--Her own husband for $11,000 in damages because he "fucked" Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and "had a thing with Adam Sandler";

--A Little Saigon used car sales business for $17,000 because she believes it employs "a young boy" and the sales staff accused her of trying to steal a car when she test drove a vehicle for a ridiculous lengthy period of time out of the city;

--A Westminster bar for $11,000 because she heard a customer say, "Everybody's fucking everybody" and the establishment's popcorn bowls were "unwashed";

--A local doctor for $550,000 because he called her "a liar";

--A friend for $2 million because he "wrote a check" while she was incarcerated;

--A male acquaintance for $27,500 because he admitted that he is spying on her for Hanks;

--And another friend for $25,000 because she said he called her "delusional."

Claiming she's indigent, Harris has gotten to file her lawsuits without paying a single fee, a California gift to the poor.

Did a box of chocolates arrive in Huntington Beach?
Did a box of chocolates arrive in Huntington Beach?

Did a box of chocolates arrive in Huntington Beach?

She maintains in her court pleadings that one day in 2008 Hanks drove up to her, got out of his "old beige, Honda-style vehicle" and asked her, "Do you know where Magnolia is?" He also asked for a hug and said, "You're a pretty girl," she claims.

Harris has a message for her doubters: Her courthouse ramblings "are NOT (her emphasis) unresolved psychotic behaviors/conditions."

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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