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What happened to your classified ads?

(Upper right-hand side of home page, yellow box, says Get Stuff! You can click on tabs for Real Estate, Autos, Jobs, Adult)

I can't find Letters to the Editor, archives, or the Film Review bank on your new site. Where have these features gone?

Two places for letters: At the top of the page, under the OC Weekly logo, you'll see HOME, NEWS, COLUMNS, etc. going across the page. If you move your cursor over COLUMNS, a drop-down menu will appear with our most popular columns. Letters is among them. Or, to the right of the rotating pictures at the top of the page is NOW! Under that is BLOGS. Under that is LETTERS. Click on the photo and you'll get the Letters page.

For film, you can get there one of two ways. Again, among those sections going across the page under the logo is FILM. Click on that and you'll be taken to all our film reviews. If you specifically want the New Reviews column, it's part of the FILM drop-down menu. Also, under those rotating photos are "bins" for each section. News is at the top, followed by COLUMNS and FOOD. Down a little farther is FILM. It has our "longer" film reviews, but if you click "More" at the bottom of that box, you'll be taken to the Film page with the New Reviews column.

Sadly, our archives are still under construction, although if you know exactly what you're looking for the temporary search feature is supposedly better than the one we had up earlier last week. An all-new better version is still coming.

Can't find local entertainment, Tried to find local movie and couldn't even though it was playing in three places by me. Not a very good site, too many advertisments.

We'll be hooking up to a continuously updated film listing database soon. Allegedly. Stay tuned. Too many advertisements? How do you think we pay for all these new bells and whistles? Our trust funds?

Where is the restaurant guide you used to have on your old website? Where you could look up restaurants by kind of cusine and cities. Thanks.

It's also coming, and if and when it ever does, you'll supposedly like it better than before.

If you ever get around to putting the search feature back into the food section, you might want to fix it this time.

Hah! Can I marry you?

the links should be placed neatly on the bottom and the stries highter up and whats with the tower of links in the middle.. .centered links suck major ass who did that part of the web design? parapeligic dwarves? anyway... whats up with the one broadway tower thing? we voted on it, but no updates since? whats it been... like most of a year no? and a lot of work going over at the former YMCA, yet no story on that? my tax dollars at work, i wanna know where its going and why... lets get more stories on shit like this yeah? L8 Cerebus Da Pope

When the new One Broadway Tower "thing" goes up, who'll be feeling like a paraplegic dwarf now?

I'm a little ambivalent about the website redesign - have you noticed that the dark reddish-brown accent color you use is almost the exact same color they use on '' Plus it's just too dark - it seems out of place with the generally lighthearted tone of your reportage. Just My 2c.

Hey, 2 cents is two times more than our print edition costs.

What happen to your dining guide...?

Is Gustavo paying you people?

Hey guy and gals I was try to find the address of store you ran ad for last week issue it was for a corset shop in orange i can not remember the name if you could email me thanks.

A corset shop in Orange? Which one? Aren't there 30???


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