More Than 50 Billion Assholes Served

To the not-as-thirsty-as-you-looked dude I met at a McDonald's drive-thru in Anaheim: Could you not tell my day was already shitty by the fact I was subjecting my body to freakishly fried fast food? You ran up to my window and asked me to buy you a large Sprite. It was a reasonable request, so I agreed. I might have even offered to buy you some grub had I not been so distracted by your blinged-out Fubu shirt. When I met you at the end of the drive-thru and handed you the soda, you got a mischievous look in your eye. Then, you took the lid off the cup, poured the soda on the sidewalk and laughed. I might have been pissed if I weren't so downright perplexed. Next time you pull that strange little stunt, at least order a small soda, will ya?


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